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Revised Edition

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The dark and the light, they exist side by side,
Sometimes overlapping, one explaining the other.
The darkened path is as illuminated as the lightened,
Only the fear of the dark keeps us from seeing our way."

Raven Davies 1996-02-07

About the Book

Secrets, seduction, and sorcery--two Hollywood actors co-starring in a movie, encounter a bewitching apparition--the Mistress. Promising fulfillment of their desires, if they undertake physical and philosophical risks, both men agree to accept the provocative dare, but is the prize worth the cost? David LaCoix, the wildly talented, slightly tarnished older star, thrives on the tension, challenge, and puzzle, attempting to alter his notorious lifestyle by rebuilding his families and supporting his co-star in crisis. Theodore Barrett, the young innocent, but frightfully unstable Christian Fundamentalist, battles to retain his beliefs, much to the Mistress' consternation, while hiding his needs and innate mental powers from both David and the mysterious Fey. After a long seduction, guided by divine intervention of sorts, the two men become lovers. With emotions coursing below the surface and in the boudoir, an unearthly game of impossibilities and improbabilities unfolds--a game with no rules--who is who, who is manipulating whom, who is seducing whom, and to what end, played against a backdrop of the phantasmagoric and the questioning of the god-force. Who holds the gift to win?

Many copies of the original novel are available for purchase even though it is out of print. Ignore the sites selling the original, as they carry an extremely high price. The story remains the same as the original and is now available in both paperback and eBook formats.

Purchasing and Book Information

Author: Raven Davies Format: Paperback / eBook
Publisher: Self Published Copyright: Original 2004
Revised Edition 2014
Size: 570 pages ISBN #: Paperback #9780986674228
eBook #9780986674235




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Preview: (Chapter 22 Pages 196-197)

"...Everyone calls me something uniquely meaningful to them; and I rather enjoy the ambiguity, along with the ethereal value of each name that springs to mind. Titles I abhor, but for the official ones bestowed upon me. My nicknames, however, I treasure deeply. Give Theo a gentle push out of his self-imposed incarceration, and liberate his Spirit for the remainder of the day. He feels as defeated and empty as Jay. It appears the movie has become a metaphor of Mr. Barrett and yourself."

"Whoa, is that a mind blowing thought, as if I still had one left to pull the pin." David reeled back, remembering his own thoughts on the matter. The film and the two actors' lives did mesh in startling ways.

"I must get back to my other manchild; the one behind the door is all yours. The car will be ready for you at the wrought iron gate leading to the studio. Good luck, David." The Mistress slowly raised herself from the chair, like a swan lifting its wings to take flight. Once on her feet, an elegant finger, with a large sparkling emerald of inconceivable value, pointed toward the adjoining door. It magically released the bolt on the other side without a sound. "Do not startle him."

"Thanks. Sometimes your 'mind over matter' trick comes in handy."

"That was simple electrical energy." She returned his wickedest smile, and fluttered one eye with a wink that nearly knocked him over. He remembered a similar one that changed his life. Was it happening again?

"Oh brother, that's all I needed to hear. You're an electrically charged conduit as well." The actor hid his surprise and laughed.

"You're getting closer, LaCoix." Tossing her hair back, the teasing glow dissipated, replaced by intense worry, etching lines in her pale face.

David walked her to the door, wishing her luck for something he knew nothing about, but only felt. With even more trepidation, than his abominable long wait at the cabin door, he turned the knob, and entered Ted's bedroom, quietly and covertly.

It was dark, the shutters closed tightly, making the room insufferably hot. A small candle flickered, a tattered Bible lay open, and a crucifix looked saintly over a statue of the Virgin Mary. The little shrine had been ritualistically laid out on the small table next to the bed, and the young man piously knelt before it, head bowed, hands placed palm to palm, and prayers mumbled in whispers. A slow rocking movement appeared to maintain his pious countenance, while he begged for forgiveness. David's heart bled open wounds for hurting his friend in the worst possible way. A chosen path had been desecrated by the sexual act of the drama, and had ripped away Ted's Soul. The blond actor thought his intrusion necessary, however, to stop the self-loathing presented before him. This would not be the man's future if invited into David's world. Another stunning thought, not considered an eventuality, nearly toppled him over, and he took a step forward to regain his equilibrium, bringing him close enough to tower over the sacred little scene. With his hands secure on his hips, he let go of one wild thought to contemplate his next move. It did not take long.

"Go away."

"Nope. You said you loved me, and I want an explanation."

"A mistake--a big one--ranted as an improv of the dialogue. You know how long it takes me to get out of character."

"I've had it with you, Barrett. If a mistake on your part, why are you spilling your guts to God, Christ, Satan, or whomever you feel you owe an apology to, or to blame your feelings and actions on? They had nothing to do with it. This involves you and me. The devil with your handful of deities. Stop letting them mess up your life. I know when I'm giving someone pleasure, and you enjoyed every second of it." David's anger overruled his plans 'A' through 'Z'. He reached down and harshly grabbed a handful of brown silk, and pulled Ted up with the angry power of one hand. A yelp was heard first, then a wail when David swept the table clean of symbols with his other arm, and snuffed out the candle with the heel of an angry black boot. LaCoix had had enough...

( Note: Strong language in the last paragraph has been altered as per specifications of my webhost.)

What People Are Saying of the Revised Edition

Raven Davies invites straight people and gay alke into the realm of the spirit of truth; a spirit that heals, awakens, challenges, connects, and laughs. This book will be honored by generations to come as one of the truly profound spiritual testimonies of our time.
D. Dante (Chemist: BSC LA MA)

This epic book entertains, educates, and touches, as we work through the various layers of consciousness to the inner voices that speak in the very marrow of our bones. These voices tell us to celebrate even the tragedies of life. This is a terrific book everyone should read! The author has hit the rich centre of humanity, and I thank Raven Davies for such unique theories and wonderful storytelling.
T. Bezu (Former Head Administrator for Ethiopian Education)

To my extensive knowledge, holding Doctorates of Literature in three languages, no one has dared to transgress so many boundaries of thought. While reading this novel, I was transfixed and tried on a pure relationship and a grand story. Considering my background, raised in a Christian country, where homosexuality is taboo and the threat of a death sentence, I have to thank a friend for leading me to this excellent book. My beliefs have changed to some degree, now understanding homosexual relationshps are as natural for these men as breathing. It is a book of love, great love, set against a rivetting tale that one could call fantasy or science fiction. I have had my first introduction into two new worlds and enjoyed every twist and turn of a great author.
Dr. T. Zewdie: radio commentator, scriptwriter, with three PhDs of Literature (English, French, & Italian)

Raven Davies has extensively described the physical world where the action of the story takes place (considerations like the weather, relationships among geographical locations, the flora and fauna, activities and occupations, and other physical structures). The characters' social environment (pertaining to the manners, customs, and moral values of the characters' societies) is also vividly illustrated. Also, the issues or obstacles the main character must overcome are deftly laid out at the beginning of the story. The author shines in bringing her characters to life with the use of strong, varied, and consistent details in the characters' backstory, actions, and dialogue. The air of mystery and immense power surrounding the Mistress is kept consistent throughout the story. David's and Theo's characters are also strongly established with David's strength and Theo's confusion and defiance... the shifts in their characters are justified by the events that unfold in the story... Despite the complex plot, the author succeeds in executing the story in a logically organized manner. The paragraphs are clear, well-developed, and coherent. Also, the use of transition is effective, smooth, and easily followed. The execution of the story is smooth, with areas such as the backstory of characters, events, and places that matter well-developed, which strongly supports the buildup of the relevant characters involved. The story developed ideas fully and artfully with a wide variety of interesting, rich, and informative details. Another aspect of fiction writing where the author shines is the dialogue. Each character has a distinctive manner of speaking that showcases his/her background, personality, and role, which is consistently maintained throughout the story. Character actions are logical and justified by the circumstances in the story and their intended role. The shifts in the dynamics (change in attitude, point of view, opinion, etc.) are strongly justified by the events that unfold... A story of fantasy, self-discovery, adventure, eroticism, the author manages to bring a multifaceted novel into one solid story of unconventional love. The end holds promises of more and bigger adventures as Ted and David are introduced to a new journey. The manuscript is well-written and the story is solidly developed.
Professional Reviewer for Publish Wholesale

What People Said of the Original

"When David and Ted meet the Mistress they embark on a whirling adventure through spiritual realms and earthly lusts that transforms them both and enthrals the reader. Between Here & There, by Raven Davies, is a sweeping, glorious gay love story like no other you've ever encountered. By turns comic and heart warming, 'Between Here & There' is a story to engage the heart, mind and soul. Be warned: Once you begin, you won't put it down."
Ralph Higgins for Wayves Magazine

"This new Canadian author is emerging as one of the most unique, independent, adventurous, thought provoking storytellers today."
Friction Fiction Books Inc.

"Raven Davies is one of the most original literary artists working today. Davies is successfully bridging the gulf between traditional fiction, and the new and exciting world of Internet 'Slash' writing. With tremendous assurance and with great panache, Davies is giving readers an entirely fresh and fascinating reading experience. At this time of crossover literary technologies, Davies is emerging as a singular creative voice. This breathless, altogether remarkable storytelling makes for compelling reading."
Joseph Dispenza: "Religion Without a God", "The Way of the Traveler" and "The House of Alarcon"

"As a proofreader, it isn't often I am swept into a book, my mind too analytical to allow the story to interfere with my work. Resist as I may, Davies' 'Between Here and There', with its wonderfully wild adventures, cross-over realities, and multi-faceted characters, carried me away into the thought-provoking world of David and Ted. Be prepared to fall headfirst into a riveting tale."
Leona Luba

"Raven Davies brings unusual and exhilarating life to a unique work with a poetic style, imagination, and a keen eye for what lies beneath the surface of the human condition."
Warren Redman: "Achieving Personal Success", "Listening Power", "Portfolios for Development", "Counseling Your Staff", "Facilitation Skills for Team Development", "Working Towards Independence", "Finding Your Own Support", and "Creative Training".

"Move over the 'Left Behind' series... Between Here & There is a well-crafted novel, combining romance, mystery, mysticism, and adventure. The writer takes us inside the character's emotions, showing an intensely complex range of fear, anger, love, need, desire, human curiosity, and so much more. The power of male love, shown through sex and intrigue, is blended together not only in the world as we know it, but the spirit realm as well. This makes for a thought provoking and interesting tale, which still has me reeling and thinking. The story is exciting, mature, and erotic, with a climax as surprising as any you will find. Truly an engaging, wildly imaginative story, I recommend this book highly."
5 stars on Amazon and Barnes & Noble by reader from Tennessee, USA

""A Definite Page Turner... Sexy and well written, a thought provoking novel. Constructed to make a coherent, powerful, and unusual statement. Found it intellectually stimulating, spiritually provocative, and entertaining to read."
5 stars on Amazon and Barnes & NobleReviewer from a reader from San Miguel de Allende, Gto, Mexico

"Mystical Role Playing... This book is a multi-stranded novel about a group of actors who find themselves involved in the adventure of a lifetime. Transported into another mystical dimension they become involved with mysterious beings of great power. Using their acting skills to perform in the games of these beings while exploring the inner landscapes of their own natures. A fascinating mix of mysticism, sensuality and role play."
4 stars on from a reader from Glasgow, United Kingdom

"I have enjoyed Raven's Slash stories for years. With 'Between Here & There', Raven's plots continue to be exciting, complex, and intense with deep psychological overtones. One is never sure where the story is going to take you, leaving you on an emotional roller coaster. Many times Raven has woven Native spirituality and healing into the storylines, which lends an air of mysticism, which continues in her mystical theory in 'Between Here & There'."
Lynda Perry: Registered Nurse and Cherokee Healer.

"This novel is amazing."
5 stars from David on Goodreads website.

"Raven Davies' writings are must reads! This brilliant author does it again with her novel 'Between Here & There', delivering a story with elaborate scenery, in-depth character exploration, and titillating sex."
Faith Scruggs: Slash writer and Raven Davies Fan

Other Publishing Credits

PlanetTerra Journals Volume I: WET SEASON
A gay fiction novel and eBook with a storyline focusing on two men setting out to save the Brazilian rainforest.

The Runaway
A free slash online read based on The Magnificent Seven TV Series, formerly entitled Broken Fences by my Slash name Ravin. The story now includes references to the entire series and has a new possible ending for the Seven men.

Contributor of the essay "The Slash Fanfiction Connection to Bi Men" for the anthology: "Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way". Editors - Ron Suresha and Pete Chvany; Published by Haworth Press.

Contributor of excerpt from "Between Here & There" entitled "Unleashing Deranged Snakes" for the anthology: "Bi Guys: Firsthand fiction for Bisexual Men and Their Admirers. Editor - Ron Suresha; Published by Harrington Park Press, 2005


"...The literary tone and styles vary. There are polished pieces by famous writers like Felice Picano and Pat Califia, grittier accounts by relative newcomers, and even a short play.... Attraction is of course very personal, and individual readers will have differences on their own personal inclinations. Myself, a traditionalist, I most enjoyed Larry Lawton's prison story, Simon Sheppard's encounter between two college boys, Raven Davies's depiction of two closeted actors, and Felice Picano's variation on a perennial favorite ... These stimulating stories will satisfy the erotic needs of pretty much all readers. As Ron Suresha explains... the stories are meant to instruct as well as excite. First and foremost, the collection wants to overcome shame - that many bisexuals feel showing characters fully comfortable with their sexuality. The very existence of the volume asserts the importance of bisexuals in society: not only for straight people who are largely ignorant of their presence; but for those gays who think bisexuality dishonest... Whatever the specifics, all stories insist that bisexuality is an authentic human experience, to be pursued without shame.

"We can all then be grateful to editor Ron Suresha and his writers for this collection. Their stories are not only entertaining and stimulating, they introduce to a wide readership a range of bisexual issues and emotions not normally treated in literature, straight or gay. And they deal with these issues positively - with the seriousness and clarity they deserve... "
Review by David Van Leer in the Journal Editon of BI MEN 2006.

Both anthologies are available through Haworth Press, Inc. All rights reserved. They also appear in "The Haworth Journal of Bisxuality", vol. 5, nos. 2-3, December 2005.

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