Magnificent Seven Slash, The Runaway by Raven Davies

Gay Slash Fanfiction
by Raven Davies (aka Ravin)

"The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places;
But still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is mingled with grief,
Love grows perhaps the greater."

From The Fellowship of the Ring by: J. R. R. Tolkein

About the Book

This Slash m/m fanfiction story was originally entitled 'Broken Fences' under my web name Ravin. Originally published in 1999, before the last episodes were aired, the tale now includes later factors in play, which would have created even more reasons for Vin to become 'The Runaway'. I hope the first readers of TM7 Slash and new readers enjoy a slightly different story and a very new ending. The following paragraph describes a brief synopsis of the new tale of Vin and Chris:

Why would Vin Tanner leave the others, without saying good-bye, and why would Chris Larabee need to track him down? Throughout the series, situations presented a mental dilemma for Vin, believing he was not wanted, liked, or appreciated by his supposed six friends. His feelings ran much deeper, with unrequited love foremost in his thoughts. On the pretense of going on a vision quest, he runs away to his only home--the desert-- surviving on his native experience as an amazing tracker, first-class sharpshooter, and former bounty hunter. Living over six months in solitude, believing him hidden from all those who passed his hideout, Tanner is found by the notorious gunslinger, Chris Larabee. Discovering the man in torment, Chris must open his heart and start asking questions, forcing Vin to speak his own truth; but his hardest battles are yet to begin: to uncover the younger man's misconceptions, choke back his own mistakes, and slowly mend the fences broken in his friend's mind and the illness the vision quest has created. Love blossoms and trust returns, but the ever-entrancing, poisonous enemies deter Vin from returning home: peyote, jimsonweed, and the mescal bush.

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DISCLAIMER:The characters, settings, etc. are copyrighted by Trilogy/Mirish. We are only playing with the characters to suit our mischievious selves, and there is no intention of making money or profiting from this story. If you have not seen the series, DVDs are available via ordering through various retail stores, which include the two year run of the show.

WARNING: This is an adult romance including erotica.

For those having never seen the Magnicent Seven TV Series, The Runaway starts with the biographies of the main characters, images of the main characters, and a few of the supporting group that are referred to in this tale, which now includes the entire two seasons. By reading through the small introduction, of the history of the Magnificent Seven, you will get an incite as to who's who amongst these intriguing and diffent men. The navigation bar is on the bottom of each section and chapter, connecting one to the other in an html style document. Just start by pressing the Free Read link.

Author: Raven Davies aka Ravin




Slash fanfiction formerly entitled Broken Fences by Ravin (aka Raven Davies) rewritten to include all episodes of The Magnificent Seven TV series, with a plausible ending for all seven men.

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PARENTAL WARNING: includes gay erotica.
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...Tanner sat staring into space, yet seeing and hearing all. Sipping very slowly on his whiskey, an unusual occurrence for one who seldom drank, he did not withdraw the glass from his lips on hearing the familiar sound of jingling spurs. The musky odor, of the blond-haired man, gusted through the opening doors, while whipping the black duster around Larabee's long, thin legs. Vin's uncanny sense of smell and hearing intoxicated him with unwanted desire, sending goose bumps up his legs, back, and neck, but he refused to look when the adjacent chair scraped along the wooden floor. Moving nary a muscle, the tracker did feel the unseen shiver run up his back; and he had nowhere to run.

"A little early for someone who doesn't drink much?" Chris had questioned, with deep concern etched in his face.

"You ain't my father, so stop treating me like a kid." Vin uncharacteristically snapped at the simple, worried question, while squinting at the intruder sideways with a cold look that could freeze a rattlesnake from striking. He returned his gaze to his drink, which he set down gently. The company was no longer to his taste and the whiskey not much better. Getting up slowly, he pulled his hat down further over his forehead, adjusted his gun-belt that buckled low around his narrow hips and tied around his thigh, then quickly covered the sawed-off shotgun with his fringed jacket and threw a few coins on the table.

"Maybe not, but you sure could do with a damn good hiding, considering the way you've been acting toward your friends." Chris threatened with a bemused smile on his face, while pondering the hostility and the odd formality of a single word.

"And you think you're the one that could do it? Not without me killing you first."

Knowing the younger man only spoke when he meant what he said, this was no idle threat, but Larabee's countenance did not change, and he hid his confusion under a daring squint to retaliate. "Probably, and I'd enjoy it too." Chris feigned a laugh beneath the scowl, but his teasing received an intense glare from the deep-blue eyes.

The sensitive tracker seethed with the hurtful words, and with no requirement to retaliate, he stormed out, leaving behind a bewildered and upset gunman. Chris and Buck looked questioningly at each other across the room. One shrugged his shoulders; the other shook his head. No one could understand or get a civil word out of the young man since he put a bullet in the assassin who had been paid thousands of dollars to kill Mrs. Travis. This little verbal exchange was all they had heard from him in weeks.

With an hour to kill, before meeting with Sanchez and Jackson, Vin took the opportunity to have his usual twenty-minute catnap in the livery. He hated the boarding house, the hotel, especially the saloon rooms, which left him in the stable even on the coldest of nights. A covered wagon seemed home for a short while, but he hated the confinement of that as well. Finally settling into a routine, he found a warm home in his horse's large stall in the barn, using the heat generated by friendly four-legged bodies and heaps of straw. Each soft, gentle snuffle gave him comfort; the smell of the outdoors gave him freedom. As he fell asleep, he wondered when Chris would remarry and start enlarging his cabin to accommodate Mrs. Travis and her young son. Again, his heart fragmented into ragged little pieces, adding to the misery Larabee created by threatening and embarrassing him in front of the others. Mentally broken and emotionally bruised, Tanner accepted his only recourse.

Always on time, without owning a watch, Vin had entered the saloon doors, just as Nathan and Josiah sat down. Quickly joining them, he explained, in a handful of words, his need for their assistance at the Four Corners Bank. The two men glanced at each other in surprise, wondering at the thought of Vin Tanner having money; but the younger man smiled, assuring them it would not be much. He handed them several little books from various banks where his bounty earnings had been sent from grateful lawmen. Vin had no idea what they were used for, just a record of places for money honestly earned; and he was unsure if he had actually been paid. Josiah studied the locations of the banks: El Paso, Tucson, and Santa Fe, along with Four Corners, where the young man deposited one of his five dollars every month. The Four Corners account remained the only one updated and current, with very little in it, but obviously saving for something special. Josiah and Nathan hoped it would be a warm new coat, or something more useful than another toy like his shiny harmonica, which he could not play but always carried. The spyglass proved a necessity and well worth purchasing, but they were in the dark about that particular treasure as well.

With the four books in hand, the three men headed for the bank. Sanchez sat down with the manager to discuss putting all of Vin's accounts into the one in Four Corners. The banker appeared very gracious and happy to accommodate them by sending wires to the other banks; and now that Vin could sign his name, he passed Power of Attorney, on his behalf, over to the two troubled men. Still confused, they both agreed to take care of whatever assets he had; and after the final signature on the paper, the banker informed them it would take a few days before total amounts could be tallied and the documents finalized. Noticed immediately by Josiah and Nathan, sudden agitation overcame the younger man who looked bewildered as to what to do; his sapphire-blue eyes darted frantically between the two much larger men. With the disquieting demeanor tensing the face of their unnerving comrade, the preacher and the healer each took one of his arms, and escorted him back to the saloon for breakfast, sitting far enough away from incoming traffic.

"Can't wait that long." Vin grumbled, scanning the premises, while his mind fought for another way to deal with the delay.

"Sounds like you're leaving us, brother Vin?" Josiah pushed back his chair, to balance on the delicate back legs, while he studied the nervous wringing of Vin's hands, not a usual habit of the steady-handed sharpshooter. Unfortunately, the group had only known each other a half-dozen months, and all seven had secrets they wished never revealed. Tanner had been the most elusive regarding his life, and perhaps, his true nature was finally being expressed. The preacher could only guess as he waited for an answer.

"Going on a vision quest..."

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"Hey Raven, I really liked the story... left me wanting more... thanks for the last six chapters which made for a great plausible ending... Your story was really in depth and well written. Can't get enough of these guys. Thanks for letting me read it."
Molls 2016.

"I am very confused... trying not to cry (shows what good writing it is)... not happy where the story went in some ways... upset my head canon. I am, however, impressed with the thought and care that went into this novel. Well written... the characters & the plot... Things that happened in the series were interpreted in unexpected ways that move the plot and explained behavior in the characters as written. I did not agree with everything, but it was so well written and made sense in the story... It takes a lot to get me to write this much, and your writing did that... Your writing is compelling and your plotting and pacing are great. Your characters are faithful to the series and the way you developed them is easily referenced from the series. It is a credit to your writing that I couldn't stop reading... hence the confusion. I am so glad I stumbled on this story and its writer. Keep up the great writing."
horsesdogsandmen 2015.

"I just found your story. I loved it... (glad I asked for the final chapters)"
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PurpleFigment 2015.

"Dear The best writer on this planet... I'm from Indonesia. I'm gay. I've read your amazing Writing "The Runaway" and I'm curious about the end of this story. I'm a crazy book reader. I really enjoy reading your writing. I can't wait to read the next chapters. Please send me the next heart beating chapters. I will be the happiest man on earth. Thanks a lot... My very best Regard."
Rustaman 2014 (Your huge fan from The Islands country Indonesia).

"Dear my Dearest writer. It's been a long time since I sent you a request for the rest 5 chapters (which was blasting me). I have no idea what I'm going to say. Your work is absolutely stole my heart. This is my first time I read a gay novel with the complete explanation about their characters including body type (appearance). It helps me a lot to imagine what they look like. I love the ending of the story which conclude the whole story. I wish I could find my Chris Larabee. I can't wait to read your next work. Thank you so much."
Rustaman 2014

Hi Raven, Could you please send me the final chapters to your fantastic story.I really love it, it's the best read in a long time. Kind Regards"
L. Jessett 2014.

What People Said of the Original 'Broken Fences' Story

I am using only a handful of emails, from which I received hundreds from all over the world, when this novel was first published on the net in 1998 or 1999. With no expectations of receiving emails from such a loyal fan base, I hope I managed to reach out and respond to all of my first readers, many of whom became friends. With a new group of readers who have found my stories archived, I hope you enjoy the new version of the story as much as the following individuals whose words I am using directly, minus a little chit-chat between friends, and unfortunately without their permission. Your addresses will not be used, many no longer working, and only your first names will be revealed. If you can identify yourselves, after more than a decade, and you wish your statement deleted, please email me at: . I am sure you will enjoy the new version as much, considering so much transpired in the series after this story was written, making it even more inevitable that Vin Tanner would become 'The Runaway'. I look forward to hearing from any reader and will respond quickly. Have fun my friends and keep in touch through my new email address. For those of you who asked for other things I have written, there are two new published novels of gay fiction on my new website: Friction Fiction Books.

"I just discovered your website (refers to the original site) and was blown away. I have never seen the TV show but your fiction makes the stories come alive. I have just read 'Broken Fences': excellent! excellent!... You create such magic with your words and I just want to thank you."
Patricia 2001

"I just had the immense pleasure to read your very thrilling and wonderful Chris/Vin 'first time' story 'Broken Fences'. I couldn't stop reading until the last word. You've done a wonderful work there. Thank you very much for so much reading pleasure."
Greetings from Germany, Mona 2001

"OH!!!!! Rav, I hate you! I couldn't put it down and just read it... I LOVE IT!!! It's wonderful!!! I'll re-read tomorrow... And I don't hate you! I love you for 'Broken Fences'. It's... heck... wonderful! THANK YOU!!!!!"
Judy 1999

"Hi Ravin, just wanted to write and tell you how terrific I thought 'Broken Fences' was. What a great story! Please write more. I love the sensitive way you have portrayed the Chris/Vin relationship... Thanks for writing such fabulous fic, they have been quite a ride!..."
Tracy 1999

"Hi Raven, I just started reading Mag7 fan fiction and came across your 'Broken Fences' piece. It was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for the great introduction... now I wonder if I will ever find anyone else who writes them so well?"
Doris 2001

"Over the past few days I've gone over to the "dark side", as it were and indulged in the guilty pleasures of adult fan fic, having exhausted all the gen fic out there. Whew! I was going to email you right after I read you stories, but my thoughts were in a swirl and I had to ponder for a while. To say I was left limp as a rag, dry-mouthed and gut-punched may be an understatement. Your work packs an emotional whallop and although I may not have chosen the plot solutions or plot lines for the boys in the way you did, the undeniable fact remains your stories effected me on a level I didn't know existed... That's the bottom line, I guess, thanks for all the sacrifices you must have made to write such involved, soul-earching work... Well, Ravin, just wanted you to know what a talent I find you to be and I wish you all the best. 'Look not too long into the abyss, lest the abyss looks into you.' After reading your epics, I feel I am in that abyss, but may this not be a bad thing at all."
Peggy 1999

"Just needed to tell you how much I enjoyed every one of your stories... Keep up the great stuff as you have a very dedicated reader."
Jean 2001

"Hi Ravin, 'Broken Fences' was wonderful. I really liked it... an amazing story... the writing, your use of words, the story was... well I am not good with words and all the poor ones I can think of don't do you justice... Terrific, incredible, spell binding, can't put it down, great. I just can't say enough. 'Broken Fences' was soooo good...And now that you have turned me into a Slash maniac, where can I find more?... Thanks for letting me read your stories..."
Deb 1999

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