Magnificent Seven Slash, The Runaway by Raven Davies

Gay Slash Fanfiction
by Raven Davies (aka Ravin)

Biographies of the Players & the Possibilites

"The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places;
But still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is mingled with grief,
Love grows perhaps the greater."

From The Fellowship of the Ring by: J. R. R. Tolkein

DISCLAIMER: The author lays claim to all creative aspects of this work, and The Runaway (formerly called Broken Fences by Ravin published 1999) may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the author's expressed written consent. However, the author does acknowledge that The Magnificent Seven characters and the events referred to in the story are the property of MGM/Trilogy and Mirisch, etc. etc., and no copyright infringement is intended, nor does the author expect to profit from this tale. We thank MGM/Trilogy for the use of these wonderful characters for our amusement.


Chris Larabee rides into the town of Four Corners where drunken Texas drovers are planning to hang the only healer in town. Mary Travis first tries to fight them off, but with no affect. Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner spot each other, exchange nods, and meet while walking down the street to Boothill, following the lynching party. After a bust up and much blood spilled, Vin Tanner takes the shot, cutting the rope from which Mathan Jackson is hanging, fighting for his life. After watching the two gunmen save the healer, two men, from the racially mixed Seminole Village, ask them to help them save their village from a crazed, renegade Confederate Officer and his men. With only a stone talisman for pay, the two gunman and the healer agree, and go on the hunt to find five more men willing to charge into a battle.

The first is the scoundrel, Buck Wilmington, a longtime friend of Larabee's and former lawman, and he accepts to join, not understanding the odds they are against, or the pay, as long as there are women in the village. The next is the gambler, Ezra Standish, who has just been caught cheating and attempting to escape. Larabee believes him completely untrustworthy, but his skilled cons might make him an asset. They leave him to think about joining them, and he appears the next morning, making them five. In the middle of the desert, Nathan leads them to an old church that a very strong man is slowly rebuilding; moving rocks none of the others could handle. On a desperate plea from Nathan, he does not give an answer, but the next morning Josiah Sanchez is sitting, fully geared to join the others. Before Josiah meets with them, a young greenhorn, fresh from the East, arrives on the stagecoach, buys a horse, and volunteers to help the men, looking for a fight. Excited by tales of the frontier, JD Dunne is no match for the others, and is discarded. It does not deter him from following the six on their journey to the village, and ends up with a knife to his throat by Buck Wilmington. They try to send him home, but he refuses, and they ready themselves for whatever may come.

After winning the battle and killing the Colonel, they all return to Four Corners, to go about their own business. With a murder in town and an untouchable perpetrator, the seven step up to protect Judge Travis. After arresting the nephew of a rich rancher, they are immediately asked to protect the town. Considered part of the 'Bad Element', according to the widow, Mary Travis, they warily accept, as the greenhorn, JD Dunne, now part of the group, had already volunteered to be Sheriff. His title is short-lived when the seven men decide unenthusiastically to sign on, trying to protect the greenhorn and the dusty little town. Through the many episodes, The Runaway story sums up many of the adventures they encounter, and leaves you with a possible ending as perceived by a Slash viewer's eye, but told through the misfortunes of Vin Tanner who misinterprets the many orders, comments, and emotions he is uncomfortable with. After running away, and with Larabee finding him in 'Peyote Country', their conversations become intense over everything that has happened within a very short time.

The series is available on DVD. Read on about the characters, the things we have learned over the full two-year series, and what a Slash reader sees in these characters.


These descriptions come from the point of view of the Slash Writer and are not generally liked or appreciated by fans who do not approve of this literary art form. We see things from a slightly different perspective than general fanfic writers, and the possibilities and potential, of seven, very different, attractive, available, and intense men, is just too hard to resist. These biographies are how we visualize these wonderful characters and not the actors, trying to stay as close to canon as possible. It is what we, the Slash writers, see as the real truth in each scene.

Chris Larabee, The Magnificent Seven,  GunslingerChris Larabee - the gunslinger

Intense, introspective, sullen, aloof, he is a soft-spoken, natural leader of few words. Everything is written in his face, the flash of his eyes, and the glint of a devilish smile. His temper is sublime, only showing anger staged while inebriated or if acting out is required. Rage and frustration manifests itself in quite words, body language, and facial expression. His extreme confidence, lengendary reputation, and menacing look demand respect and fear, hiding a kind heart and a warm spot for his friends whether he shows it or not. He lets people lead their own lives, for the most part, as long as they leave him alone. He walks with long determined strides, getting to his destination quickly and always looking ahead, but scanning continually with his peripheral vision. The gunslinger sees everything, hears everything, and keeps most of it to himself. He seldom smiles and rarely laughs. Known for his fast gun and deadly shot, he makes his decisions just as quickly. He has no fear for himself, living only for the moment, but his reckless ways are cautioned by his concern for the other six. His oldest friend is Buck, but his closest is Vin. He confides in Vin and has given the much younger man the position of second in authority, which the others have readily accepted. There is a kinship between the two, and he is very protective of the younger man who is the only person that can tell him what he does not want to hear and to tease him, calling him a 'cowboy' (an in joke from the movie Tombstone, but a deadly one amongst the Seven). Seems to be sexually hetero, because he is the only one who has been married, but he is apt to be crazy and wild enough to try anything. He is continually being pursued by Mary Travis, along with her son, who remain a constant reminder of what he has lost, but for unknown reasons, he sparkles and shines around Vin, and vice versa. The flirtation has been obvious from the first time they met.

Known facts - His wife and child died in a house fire that he believes intended for him, and he is on an never-ending quest to find out who hired the murderer. The fact becomes known, in the second last episode, that he was never the target, but an obsession of Ella Gaines to rekindle their romance when very young. This event has turned him into a binge drinker and usually has a smoking cheroot clenched between his teeth. A known gunfighter, since the death of his family, his reputation sometimes gets in his way. Besides owning a small ranch when he was married, nothing else is known. He has started building a small place for himself out of town, and the only one seen near the new cabin is Vin Tanner.

Physically, he is strikingly handsome. His crystal green eyes are continually on the move, flashing anger or excitement, or staring directly into your soul like a snake waiting to strike. There is a sense of insanity in his eyes, but his actions are extremely calculated. He is six-feet tall, long and lean, with a fine, well-chiseled body. With blond hair and clean shaven, he exudes an awesome presence accentuated by his usually basic black attire, accompanied either by a dark ankle-length duster or several different earth-toned colored serapes. His voice is always quiet and calm, making him sound more sinister than he is. When he does speak, there is always a purpose, and he articulates himself well when plans require his input. He is the second oldest of the group, in his early forties. Life for Chris Larabee was a death wish until he formed an alliance with the other six.

Vin Tanner, The Magnificent Seven SlashVin Tanner - sharpshooter, tracker, former bounty hunter

A man of mystery and contradiction, he is a sweet, kind soul, thinking of others before himself, but has no hesitation with his dead aim to kill when required. He is quiet, gentle, and rather wistful, but with a quirky dry sense of humor and a soft Texas drawl. His secrets and his mirth are usually kept to himself, smiling or squinting menacingly at people who have no idea if he is laughing at them or is about to kill them. He has the keen eyes of a deadly marksman and a skilled tracker, with the instincts of a wildcat. His skill as a sharpshooter is his forte and uses a sawed off double-barreled Winchester. He is equally efficient in the use of knives, rifles, and revolvers, as well as being a gifted horseman. The man is a deadly and well-trained fighter. He is a loner, even more so than Chris, and no one really knows anything about him, as he never reveals all the facts in his short fragmented answers. The young tracker does not smoke, seldom drinks, has his own moral ethics, holds onto his native spiritualism, and appears to be homeless, preferring the outdoors to the confines of the town. He seems to enjoy and be comfortable only in Chris' quiet company, and everyone wonders why he stays in Four Corners. Appears to be quite shy, although seemingly good-natured and good-humored, but he tends to be very nervous around others, except Chris who he has bonded with mentally. He knows what Chris wants or needs before words are spoken. Strangely ambiguous sexually, he acts as if sex does not seem to exist for him, or is necessary, and appears to take solace in his friendship with the gunfighter. Even though he seems in awe of Chris, he is treated like an equal, almost special in an intangible way. He is always very close to Chris physically, usually right behind his shoulder, and is the only one the gunfighter touches. Vin touches no one except to shake hands, and seldom starts a conversation.

Known facts - His mother died of putrid fever when he was five. The rest of his life is missing except his confirmation that he spent time with the Comanche and Kiowa, speaking both languages and several other native tongues. He was trained in tracking, killing, buffalo hunting, and is incredibly quick and agile in a fight, and does not hesitate to stab or kill with a knife when necessary. He has the keen eyes of a sharpshooter and does not hesitate to shoot. While a bounty hunter, an outlaw, named Eli Joe, set him up for a murder he did not commit and now has a $500 reward on his head. Chris protects him from other hunters, and in that regard, the gunfighter has promised to help Vin's continuing quest to clear his name. He does his job instinctively, and one wonders how he managed to find his bounties when he is incapable of reading. Near the end of the series, Mary Travis learns of this inability by writing down one of his poems he recites to her. In the middle of the second season, he asks her to teach him to read and write. During a two part episode called Wagon Train, he is smitten by a married woman and has a brief affair with Charlotte. Much to Chris' chagrin, he attempts to discourage the arrangement; all the while Chris is being suckered by Mary Travis via jealousy at her announced engagement, which does not end happily. Things are not quite the same between Vin and Chris after their mistakes in the love department during this adventure. As a slash writer, we look at the story as one that traps Vin into something he is unprepared for, just as Chris is being quietly seduced by Mary and her son.

Physically, he is slim, making him look taller than his 5' 8" stature. He wears layers and layers of loose-fitting clothing, in a scruffy jacket (changed to a suede fringed jacket in the second season), a slouched cavalry styled hat (replaced in the second season for the first few episodes that did nothing to enhance the attractive boyish looks), shirts in a variety of colors and pastel patterns, and is seldom seen without a pink bandanna around his neck. His brunet hair is long, but the style changes, from episode to episode, as they tried to master extensions and wigs, making his hat a necessary fixture. A very thin stubble and mustache again belies his youth, and both are often shaved off. His most startling feature is his incredible dark blue eyes. The man has oversized irises, and when not squinting or staring dangerously, which creates fear in the hearts of the strongest of men, he opens his eyes wide to expose the soul of a sad, frightened child. They are overwhelming and breath-taking. He is stunningly handsome with delicate bone structure and high cheek bones. A soft Texas raspy drawl melts butter when it is heard, but his speech sometimes indicates his lack of formal education. His face and eyes, like Chris, do all his talking for him. He suffers from scoliosis and always hunches over or slouches in a chair. He shifts positions constantly and leans against anything to give him support. The second youngest of the seven, he can look, when clean shaven, and certainly can display, in unexpected moments, a mental and emotional age range of someone in their early to mid-twenties. His well-guarded life experiences have aged him beyond his years, and relies on his knowledge of the outdoors and natural instincts to survive. Life for Vin Tanner is a lonely, hidden past and an uncertain future.

Ezra Standish, The Magnificent Seven Slash, gamblerEzra Standish - gambler and con-artist

A Southern gentleman, in manners and embellished speech and accent, this man touches on arrogance with his sarcasm. People either love him or hate him. He is a gambler and con artist, confident in his skill in both and is not incapable of cheating when required. Money rules his day; and his dream is to buy and run a saloon, making him very guarded with his savings. Extremely well read, he has a tremendous store of knowledge and the ability to remember everything he has ever read or been told. He carries, and uses effectively, a small derringer in this right sleeve, as well as other types of guns. He is not adverse to fighting, if his mouth and diplomacy fail. His sarcasm and wit, as well as his vocabulary, overwhelms and confuses the others, but his laughter, his look of complete surprise, or his foot in his mouth, wins them over in the end. His attire is expensive and well tailored, seldom seen without the perfect jacket and tie; the appropriate dress for his home base, the saloon and gambling tables. He is intimidated only by Chris who does not trust him, and his mother who abuses him emotionally. Sexuality is inconclusive, could be gay or straight, but he is a very sexual being, unlike Vin. He confidently reaches out a hand to greet, to guide, to stop, or to place on a shoulder, even just to use someone as a resting post.

Known facts - He spent a very lonely childhood, being handed from relative to relative, while his mother, Maude, played out her own forms of the con arts, until he was old enough to participate in her scams. She taught Ezra well, but his heart gets in his way. He ended up in Four Corners due to a small misunderstanding with the law, but was granted a pardon by the Judge if he would stay on to help police the town. He saved a young Chinese woman, on Nathan Jackson's insistance, during the episode Chinatown, by purchasing Lee Pong from her drug-addicted uncle. We do not know if anything happened between them, but they share a mutual respect. Ezra did give her money and a stage ticket to return her home to San Francisco and her family. Having been a Confederate soldier, he is at odds with Nathan, a good deal of the time, and particularly over Lee Pong; but as the show progressed, their quarrels became comic relief in the series. He may speak to the others as if fools and vagabonds, but his heart is kind.

Physically he is the same height as Vin, but a little heavier set in the chest, with a nicely chiseled build, combined with very delicate facial features, making him very attractive. In his early-thirties, he appears to be the gap between the older members and the two youngest. He has short, wavy hair, brown in color, clean shaven to perfection, large green eyes, and a great deal of expression in his very pale face. He has small, delicate, very nimble fingers, and his hands always look freshly manicured. Considers the others rather crude and scruffy, but he depends on their friendship and they depend on his resourcefulness. He chatters endlessly, an annoyance to the quieter members, but comical to others. In reality, he is another loner, adrift, not knowing if he wants to be involved in the lives of the other six, although he has the acuteness to discover vital information through gossip and eavesdropping. Life for Ezra Standish is always another game of chance, or opportunity of high risk.

Nathan Jackson, The Magnificent Seven Slash, healer, former slaveNathan Jackson - healer, former slave

A man with a nurturing soul and a healing heart, he is warm, sensitive, comforting, and gentle in his mannerisms. He is a well-read and a self-taught accomplished healer. His days in slavery make him fight for justice for all and tends to be easily riled by Ezra's attitudes. Though outwards he moves and walks slowly, his ability to use knives is as lightning fast as Chris is with a revolver. Three large knives are always sheathed and strapped to his back for easy access. He is well versed with other weapons, including swords and guns. There is no hesitation in his actions or reactions. This man monitors Ezra's cons, sometimes in amusement and sometimes in disgust. His closest friend appears to be Josiah, and they are often seen talking and eating together. He does not attach himself easily to people for fear of losing them, but the other six have become his family. He tends to their pains physically, and helps Josiah tend to their broken spirits and inner conflicts. Appears hetero in his relationship with Rain, but the lady lives far away and is seldom around; and he makes no real attempt to see her. He does not hesitate to lend a comforting hand or a supporting arm around the troubled or injured.

Known facts - He was a former slave, then a stretcher bearer for the Union Army during the Civil War. Raised by his father on a plantation in Georgia, the memories of slavery still haunt him. He is intelligent, self-educated, and a gifted, but unqualified physician. Chris and Vin saved him from a prejudiced lynching party; and he was the first to join the other two in their mission to help vanquish a rogue band of former Confederate soldiers. His father turned up suddenly, surprising Nathan that the old man remained alive. After his father's trial, he learned his father had been a hero when they left their mother behind, and taking the family to work under the slavery of another plantation owner. His father soon died of consumption, but the healer had been given the opportunity to find the truth of his life and to forgive his father.

Physically he is tall, 6' 5", with very short cropped, black, curly hair, big sad brown eyes, clean shaven, and an open friendly smile, making him very good looking. He is very strong with large, steady hands, and has a quiet, but authoritative presence due to his size and usually gentle speech. In his early forties, he has a powerful build and quite capable of taking any man down. His voice and way of speech is self-taught and is not heavily accented, but he is notorious for speaking in double negatives. Through his reading, he speaks a little more formally, always saying 'you' and not 'ya'. Life for Nathan Jackson is the healing of wounds and the striking out at injustice.

Buck Wilmington, The Magnificent Seven Slash, scoundrel, former lawmanBuck Wilmington - scoundrel, once an official lawman

This man is the ultimate rogue and Don Juan, charming, silly, enthusiastic, and totally irresponsible unless it concerns him personally, his friends, and the town he was hired to protect. He is a man who has never grown up and never will. He treats JD like a much younger brother and is very protective of him, constantly teaching him everything there is to know, but is certainly not the best role model. Sexual preference is hetero, as he is a blatant womanizer (his main weakness), and is easily seen as someone who just loves to love, probably anyone or anything. He wrestles and plays with JD almost acting younger than the kid himself, and does not hesitate to get close to any of the others to whisper or just to stand shoulder to shoulder at the bar, and has no reservations in touching or hugging. A constant practical joker, the order of his day is fun and games for this devil-may-care scoundrel, but he is also a fighter and can handle a gun and horse with the best of them. A strong sensitivity surrounds him in his dealings with the others, particularly concerning JD who he is strongly attached to, and Chris who he worries about. He is uncertain about Vin, the only man that makes him slightly nervous and ill-at-ease, and the man that stands between his friendship with Chris.

Known facts - His mother was a whore and he was raised in a brothel. He has known Chris for twelve years and considers the gunslinger a good friend. Rumor has it, he was a lawman at some period of time, but was run out of every town he lived in by a jealous husband.

Physically he is the tallest, about 6' 6", muscular and strong, with the longest legs one could imagine. His hair is very dark brown, short and curly, and he has a heavy mustache. Small blue eyes full of mischief and a generous happy smile, usually laughing, are his natural forms of expression. He is in his very late thirties. Life for Buck Wilmington is seldom serious and is full of joy, fun, and sex.

JD Dunne, The Magnificent Seven Slash, greenhornJD Dunne - greenhorn

JD is hyper-kinetic, enthusiastic, reckless, constantly stumbling over his feet, or saying the wrong thing, as he tries to prove himself. Over anxious, he volunteered to be the Sheriff and acts as such, although knowing Chris is in complete control and makes all the decisions. He chatters endlessly, clearly annoying to both Vin and Chris, and tries to help wherever and however he can, usually not to the groups advantage. A romantic, raised on dime store novel heroes, he is in awe of the other six, wanting to be very much like Chris and Vin. Willing to learn through his mistakes, he looks to Buck, his best friend, for guidance. He is an excellent horseman, but not the best shot or most disciplined. Sexually he is extremely naive, but is the only one who is in an innocent relationship with a young lady, and is quite smitten with Casey Welles. Appears hetero, but is young and innocent. He is the essence of politeness and sociability, and is out-going and self-assured as he introduces himself, eager to make new friends and not afraid to welcome a friendly hug.

Known facts - He was raised in the east and just recently lost his mother, who he was very close to. Working as a stable boy most of his life, he became a skilled horseman at an early age and a superb handler of coaches, carriages, and wagons. On his mother's death, and not enough money to further his education at college, he came West with his head filled with the dreams he found in books of gunfighters and desperadoes.

Physically he is very short, 5' 5", and is solidly built. He is the youngest member, his actions make him a teenager, but his looks deny that possibility and is generally believed not much younger than Vin. He would be considered cute with a little turned up nose, hazel eyes fringed with black lashes, and a mop of black hair with long side-burns. His beard is black stubble and grows heavily on certain parts of his young face, accentuating the slight baby fat under his chin. He dresses like an Easterner and wears a bowler hat like his hero, Bat Masterson. Life for JD Dunne is a continual learning, exciting adventure.

Josiah Sanchez, The Magnificent Seven Slash, preacher's son, non-ordained preacherJosiah Sanchez - defrocked preacher, strong man

Introspective, gentle, philosophical, and church educated, he is a man of many beliefs and talents. He is the mediator, the one they all confide in and who they listen to. He tells cryptic stories, letting each decide the meaning in their own way, knowing the truth lies within themselves. Well travelled, he has the presence of a nomad, unless dressed as a preacher. Rebuilding the church and giving unorthodox sermons, which include other religions, he takes pleasure in being a peace keeper, but will snap anyone like a twig if he is angered. The eldest of the group, in his early fifties, he tends to be a mentor and father figure to all. Appears hetero in his sexuality, with remembrances of past loves, but has no women in his life in Four Corners. He takes pleasure in hugging or putting his large arms around any of the group to comfort and protect them, but when drunk, whiskey being one of his vices, he angers quickly and violently.

Known facts - His father was an intolerant, abusive missionary, and forced his beliefs on Josiah and his sister. Sanchez however rebelled, sadly leaving his sister in an intolerable situation. He secretly cares for his now mentally disturbed sister who he has hidden in a nearby mission, but Vin discovers the woman and keeps the man's secret. Josiah's obsession is rebuilding the town church, but in his youth has traveled extensively, always in search of the truth, speaks a little native American and some Chinese, and has been taught by, and lived with, various spiritual communities from Buddhist monks to Shaman.

Physically he has the largest and strongest build. He is about 6' 1", and has the presence of a cuddly bear or a fierce grizzly. He wears a mustache that is as streaked with silver as is his once dark hair, highlighting the tight waves. He has small, deep-set, piercing blue eyes, and a lantern jaw with a strong under bite. His speech is eloquent, but casual, and his low voice mesmerizes and soothes the most distressed of individuals. He is the calming force for the Seven. Life for Josiah Sanchez is a battle to bring spiritual tranquillity and awareness to others.


These are characters that play semi-recurring roles and have played a part in the life of the Seven, often being mentioned in the story lines. These individuals are certainly seen as something very different from how the general public would view them, but again, it is the slash writer's truth of what we have seen. The main ones are listed below without images.

Judge Oren Travis
An elderly gentleman, intellectually and intuitively aware of what is happening around him. He is fair and just. In his desire to keep Four Corners safe, he has hired Chris and the others to handle the law in the small frontier town as they see fit. As the territorial judge, residing in Santa Fe, he wields the ultimate power over the Seven. He comes to town for trials and other law enforcement issues, as well as to visit his daughter-in-law, Mary Travis, and his grandson who he cared for after his son was murdered.

Mary Travis
Mrs. Travis is a self-made woman with a five-year old son, Billy. She is tenacious and annoying, as is her timid son, as she tries to uncover news from the Seven for her newspaper, 'The Clarion'. She is constantly flirting with Chris, trying to gain his affection and attention, but she has yet to attract the man. Using Billy as a pawn, she baits Chris with memories of his own lost son. She has white-blond hair, very beautiful, with grey eyes, and is probably in her mid-twenties. The Seven frighten her a little, but that does not stop her from interfering in their business or private lives, and continually barging in on Chris. She is on the town council, a rare position for a woman of that era, and tends to throw her power in the faces of the Seven, which is not particularly appreciated. Her husband, Frank (in one episode he was called Steven), who was the Judge's son, was killed a number of years previous to the arrival of the Seven.

Sarah and Adam Larabee
Sarah and Adam are Chris's dead wife and four-year old son who were lost in a house fire as a set up by Ella Gaines. They are spoken of in the past tense as Chris's continual torment of their deaths plague him. Their names come up in various episodes, as Larabee tries to find their murderer.

Casey Welles
Casey is a tiny, diminutive young woman in her mid to late teens. A feisty and excitable tomboy who adores JD, she is innocent and bright, cute as a button with freckles all over her nose. Natural and out-going, Casey is held in high regard by the entire Seven, and they treat her like a younger sister or daughter, except for JD who is trying to figure out how to court her, or even if he wants to.

Nettie Welles
Nettie is Casey's elderly aunt who raised the young woman. She is a tough old bird, but one that Vin loves dearly, and is the only woman Vin really talks to. Nettie is often mentioned in every form of fanfic involving the young tracker.

Maude Standish
Ezra's mother, a beautiful, cunning, and controlling woman who has no idea how she hurts her son with her words and actions, then confuses him with a touch of love, as maternal as the elegant Maude can muster. Trouble rolls into town whenever this charming con-artist appears and just as quickly departs, leaving Ezra behind once again, devastated and confused. Maude comes and goes in many of the episodes, and usually for comic relief with her conversations and actions toward her son.

A beautiful woman, half African American and half Seminole, Rain was attracted to Nathan from the start. She is seldom seen, but occasionally is brought up in stories where Nathan is involved.

Sha-nu (we are unsure of the spelling of his name) is the second son of the Chief from the local band closest to Four Corners. Vin saved his life and brought a certain peace between the town and the tribe. The entire village is extremely grateful to Vin and may on occasion be mentioned.

Cletis Fowler
Cletis Fowler was the paid assassin of Sarah and Adam Larabee. Chris finally finds out a clue of this man and goes on a rampage to find him. Before he learns the truth of who hired him, Cletis Fowler walks into a burning stable and dies, ensuring Chris has to search further as to who was behind the murders. After meeting with Fowler, he still believes the assassin was after him and not his family.

Ella Gaines
Ella Gaines was an old love interest of Chris Larabee. Two and one-half years after Chris' wife and son's deaths, she returns to tantilize him into rekindling their long ago love affair, with a ploy that a band of men are after her estate. The Seven take the bait and they all head for her ranch. Chris becomes smitten, but Vin is wary, particularly after he learns that the men, attempting to take over her estate, actually work for Ella. Telling Chris, Larabee sends Vin away permanently, considering he has decided to stay with Ella. He finds his wife's necklace and a few other items, and realizes what the woman has done. Vin rides back in time to help save the other Seven, and the rest of the Gaines household. Ella disappears during the fight, and nothing is the same between Vin and Chris, although Vin and Buck try to track her down unsuccessfully.

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