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UPDATED: May 24, 2016

"Between Here & There Revised Edition" and "PlanetTerra Journal Volume I: WET SEASON".
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Gay fiction novels, gay eBooks, and a Slash fanfiction free read by Raven Davies. All stories focus on provocative subject matter including: gay romance, peoples' right of choice, social stigma, spiritualty, rectification of world problems, politics, conservation, poverty, history, and ancient mysteries, combined with the erotic partnering of the gay male.

WARNING: All writings contain mature subject matter including: provocative thtoughts on world issues and sexuality. The author is attempting to shed a new light on serious global problems and rid the notion of the stereotypical gay male. Leave your mind open to radical interpretions of a planet gone awry and new spiritual theories.


Raven Davies attended university in the faculties of Fine Arts and Interior Design, unfortunately ending up in the corporate world. The well paying job gave this author the means to travel the world and to live in other countries. When a 9 to 5 job became too distressing for an artist's mind, Davies discarded the security and started an in-house business, designing and hand-painting ceramic tile, as well as becoming a spiritual guide for seekers of ancient wisdom. Albeit rewarding artistically, spiritually, and mentally, the monetary challenges grew too great, and Davies started writing epic Slash tales under the name 'Ravin' to ease the strain.

A storyteller by nature, Raven creates character-driven fiction to challenge a reader's thoughts, whether it be spiritually, politically, or socially. On a rash decision, and having had overwhelming success as a Slash fanfiction writer of five novels, this Canadian renegade packed up a small U-haul, purchased a broken down jeep, and left all behind. While residing in Mexico, Davies wrote the gay fantasy novel, Between Here & There, a published paperback, now out of print. On returning to Canada 5 years later, Raven wrote a second gay romance, PlanetTerra Journals Volume I: WET SEASON, and republished Between Here & There Revised Edition". Both novels are available in eBook and paperback formats. The author also contributed to two hardcover anthologies. You will find what currently is available in the list below, including a SLASH FREE READ, The Runaway, a revision of my previous slash fanfiction story Broken Fences based on The Magnificent Seven Television Series.

Between Here & There by Raven Davies, gay fiction, published, novel, metaphysical

BETWEEN HERE & THERE Revised Edition
Author: Raven Davies
Format: Paperback and eBook

Secrets, seduction, and sorcery--two Hollywood actors, co-starring in a movie, encounter a bewitching apparition--the Mistress. Promising fulfillment of their desires, if they undertake physical and philosophical risks, both men agree to accept the provocative dare; but is the prize worth the cost? David LaCoix, the wildly talented, slightly tarnished, older star, thrives on the tension, challenge, and puzzle, attempting to alter his notorious lifestyle by rebuilding his families and supporting his co-star in crisis. Theodore Barrett, the young innocent, but frightfully unstable Christian Fundamentalist, battles to retain his beliefs, much to the Mistress' consternation, while hiding his needs... Learn more…

PlanetTerra Journals Volume I, Wet Season by Raven Davies, gay fiction, environment, conservation, eBook

The PlanetTerra Journals Volume I: WET SEASON
Author: Raven Davies
Format: Published Novel and eBook

Adventure begins when Trevor Sloane, a legendary photographer, and Phoenix Thornton-Jones, a fledgling journalist, meet and are offered a remarkable job: to focus on an average person's opinion on the rectification of world problems and ancient mysteries. Through stunning images by Sloane, and the poetic words, imagination, and innocence of Thornton-Jones, they must investigate dire situations yet unsolved and create controversial conclusions. Hesitant to take on such a task, due to his dislike of reporters in general, Trevor accepts the deal and finds himself immersed in the younger man's own mystery, as he becomes aware of the strange idiosyncrasies, the phobias, and the physical scars of his young partner, which all lead to wild speculation over... Learn more…

Gay Slash fanfiction novel The Runaway by Raven Davies

Author: Raven Davies (aka Ravin)
Format: Slash Fanfiction (free download)
Based on the entire two-year run of The Magnificent Seven TV series
First published in 1999 under the name Broken Fences by Ravin

Why would Vin Tanner leave his friends without saying good-bye, and why would Chris Larabee need to track him down? Throughout the series, situations presented a mental dilemma for Vin, believing he was not wanted, liked, or appreciated by the other six. His feelings ran much deeper, with unrequited love foremost in his thoughts. On the pretense of going on a vision quest, he runs away to his only home--the desert-- surviving on his native experience as an amazing tracker, first-class sharpshooter, and former bounty hunter. Living over six months in solitude, believing him hidden from all those who passed his hideout, Tanner is found by his only love, the notorious gunslinger, Chris Larabee. Discovering the man in torment, Chris must open his heart and... Learn more…

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